I service pianos in Sydney and surrounding areas.
I currently specialise in tuning upright pianos that are 60 years old, or younger.

Services include, piano tuning, fixing sticky piano keys, regulating pianos, replacing broken piano strings, and piano repairs.
Fine tuning is $220 and takes around 2 hours to tune. It can take longer depending on the pianos condition.

If your piano has not been serviced for 2-3 years, it may need a pitch raise and a tune. This service is $280. This service may take 3 hours to tune, and may require a follow up visit.

Some minor repairs may be included in the tuning or extra fees may apply depending on what is required. Major repairs must be assessed in person.
You can review our TOS here.

IF you have a piano that is outside of our expertise, or if require a service that we do not currently provide, you can find piano tuners here.