The white / black keytop came off the piano keys, what do I do?

Do not blame your kids.
Do not blame your guests.
Do not blame the dog.

Keytops can come off the keys for a few different reasons, mostly due to the climate the piano is in. It is not necessarily anyone’s fault and this can happen on older pianos, and even on newer pianos.

Let me explain this in more detail. The timber in the key, and the plastic in the keytop, expands and contracts at different rates to each other. Every time the room gets warm, and then cold, the key and the keytop are moving, but at just slightly different rates to each other. It is best for your piano to avoid extreme temperature changes.
The timber in the piano keys will also absorb moisture from the air. Again, this can make the timber move more then the keytop does, and this can lead to the glue failing and the keytop coming off.

Modern piano manufacturers have refined their methods over the years, and some tailor the piano to the Australian climate, by seasoning the moisture content in the timber that is used in the piano.

If you have purchased, or imported a piano that was made from another country, it is not necessarily a problem, however, you may be at an increased risk of the keytops coming loose in the future.
This is not the manufactures fault, it’s not your kids fault, it’s not your dogs fault.

Repairing and replacing keytops on pianos is something that I do on a regular basis. Just contact me and I can give you a quote for repairs.