Piano rentals

We may be offering piano rentals in the near future.
Depending on your lifestyle, renting a piano can be an ideal solution, especially for people needing a student piano to just get started.

Prices may start from as low $600 per year (1 year minimum term) for used pianos.

New pianos may be available for rent for $200 per month (6 month minimum).
Prices are just indicitive, and will vary based on piano model, and age.

Our rental prices include all tuning, and typical maintenance costs.
There are additional costs for transporting the piano from our workshop to your home and back at the end of the rental period as well as a deposit and photo ID required.

If you are interested fill out the form to express your interest

    (this form is for expressions of interest only,

    we can contact you if, or when we have rental pianos available)