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Our main services

piano tuning service sydney

Regular tuning service

This is for modern upright and grand pianos that are tuned regularly.

This service is $220.

Catch up tuning service

If your piano has not been tuned for a ~3-20 years, has been moved, or has new strings, then it may need a catch up tuning service, (aka, a pitch raise), where it is tuned several times to bring out the best in your piano.
This service is for any upright or grand piano that is very far out of tune.

This service is $300.

Classic piano tuning service

This is for upright and grand pianos that are over 40 years old.
Classic pianos often need more time to service compared to modern pianos.

This service is $300.

Email pre-service consulting

The only way to properly inspect a piano, is in person. However, If you have a piano that is having issues, or you have concerns about your piano, you can lift the lid of the piano, take some photos of the inside, and send them to us. This can assist us in providing you with the best advice and service.

This service is free for those within our service area.
Simply use the contact form, and tell us about your piano.

Fine Piano Tuning Service

Catch up plus

When pianos are tuned yearly, technicians often do minor adjustments to keep the piano in peak condition.
If a piano is not tuned for 20-40 years, in some cases, it may need regulation, and adjustments or repairs BEFORE it can be tuned.

Our tuning fee is still $300. However, in many cases, if the piano has not been tuned for a long time, it may need additional services in order to make the piano playable.
We recommend budgeting an additional $110-$220 for repairs. You may also need to allow for a follow up tune within 1-3 months.

Why do I have this option when noone else in Sydney has it?
While it is impossible to accurately predict the needs of every single piano, as a 4th generation technician, I have a VERY good understanding of what your piano MAY need, if it has not been serviced for a very long time.


Here are some photos of pianos we have tuned or serviced.

More then just tuning

We tune, repair, and regulate pianos. We also provide cleaning and polishing services.

In home piano tuning

Have your piano professionally tuned.
We tune to A440 concert pitch.
If your piano has not been tuned for a long time, we can do a pitch raise, to make your piano sound beautiful again.

Piano Repairs

Have your piano repaired, and maintained so that it works the way it should.

Cleaning and Polishing

We specialise in cleaning grand pianos, we can even clean the soundboard under the strings.
The vacuum we use for our dusting and cleaning service is a silent (low noise vacuum) and uses HEPA filters, to reduce dust and containments going into the room.

Bring out the best in your piano

It doesn’t matter if you are professional musician, or a complete beginner,

We will bring out the best in your piano.

We service piano makes such as Kawai, Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Kohler & Campbell, Young Chang, and more.

Common questions that people ask:

Q: How much does it cost to tune a piano?
A: Most modern pianos cost $220 provided they are tuned serviced at least once every 1-2 years.
Older pianos, (often pianos over 40), can take longer to tune, and cost $300.

Pianos that are very far out of tune, either from having new strings, being moved, or not regularly maintained for ~3-20 years may need a catch up tuning service, (aka pitch raise), and this can cost $300.

Q: What is the average cost to tune and maintain a piano?
A: On average, most home users pay $220 to have their modern piano tuned once a year. Sometimes over a few years, pianos may need other services such as voicing and regulation. This depends on a lot of variables such as how often the piano is used, and the environment the piano is in. While there is no rule of thumb, a home piano used regularly may need voicing and light regulation adjustments every 5-10 years.
Pianos that are used heavily, (such as music schools), may need a higher level of maintenance.

Q: Do you do keytop repairs? How to get keytops replaced?
One of our specialties is repairing keytops that have come loose. If a keytop has come off, AND you have the existing keytop, then we can repair this during your piano tuning appointment – provided that you have informed us in advance so that we can allow enough time. If you have not given us notice in advance we may have to do it another time or a higher rate may apply to do a specialty visit)

In most cases, repairing 1-10 keytops that has come loose, can take around 1 hour, and we typically charge $110- $150 for this service.
If your keytops have come off, are broken or missing, YES we can replace them with brand new ones. In some cases, as the brand new ones will look brand new, and stand out against the old ones, (which may be discoloured), you may need a complete set of keytops which will need to be done in our workshop, and it can take around 2 weeks before they are completed, and reinstalled in your piano. Pricing for complete sets needs to be quoted in person.

Q: Maintaining a piano after 20-40 years

A: If a piano is tuned yearly, the technician may spend an average of 5-10 mins doing minor adjustments. A piano that has not been tuned for 20-40 years, also hasn’t has the piano serviced in 20-40 years, and may need 2-3 hrs of adjustments, repairs, regulation BEFORE the piano can be tuned!
We estimate that a piano not tuned for 20-40 years may need a pitch raise (which is $300), and may need 1-2 hours of adjustments which means pianos not tuned for 20-40 years MAY cost $300-$520.

Q: How to pay? Is it cash, card or invoice?
A: Payment is expected at the end of the tuning appointment. While cash is always welcome, we carry a bank EFTPOS machine which makes payment easy and simple!
This way, you will get a bank receipt from our terminal as well as an email receipt from our company.
Schools, music teachers, and other music industry professionals can choose to have their registered Australian business name on the receipt if needed.

Q: Which piano removalist should I use?
A: It is highly recommended that you use a removalist that specialises in pianos rather then a general removalist company.
I highly recommend using Extreme Piano Removals, however there are other talented piano mover experts around.