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About us

HI, I am Matthew Logan, one of Sydney’s few 4th generation piano technicians.
I started working on pianos in the 80’s working with my grandfather at Logans pianos. Before I was 10, I was able to carry out minor repairs to pianos.
Some of my duties were polishing piano keys on a buffing machine, and doing regulation, such as easing piano keys, to ensure they operated smoothly! As well as dusting, and polishing pianos in the showroom.
When my grandparents passed, I discontinued working at Logans.
Years later, I trained extensively with Keven Jenkinson from Kjpianos Academy of Piano Technology. I was impressed by his professionalism, and the way he treated both people, and pianos. In fact, his ethos, reminded me alot of my grandfather, Charles Logan.
Alot of people ask me, where does the name “JEMA” come from. Well, My surname is still being used for “Logans pianos”, so I wanted something using a mix of my first name, (MAtthew), and my wifes name (JEnny), so its JE + MA = JEMA. (pronounced Jem-A)

While I mainly service Sydney, I absolutely love visiting the Southern Highlands, Illawarra, and even the Central Coast.
If you are far from Sydney and cannot find someone to service your piano, please let me know. Maybe I can make a special trip for you, or let you know if another technician is in your area.

As a registered Australian business, prices include GST, we also have full insurance and eftpos is available. We do accept Visa and Mastercard.

You can review our TOS here.

Services include, piano tuning, fixing sticky piano keys, regulating pianos, replacing broken piano strings, and piano repairs.