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Pianos have many different parts and there is alot of different things involved in ensuring that everything works perfectly, and there are different names for the different types of service involved.

How often do pianos need tuning.

A piano that is new, or has new strings, will often need tuning 4 times in the first year, after this, it may need 1-2 times a year for the second and third year, then possibly just 1 fine tuning a year ofter that, however this can also be dependent on the environment.

Temperature and humidity changes will impact the piano and affect how often it needs tuning. Ideally the more stable the environment the better.

When you buy a new piano, some stores might tune the piano multiple times before it is sent to your house, and then a fine tune 2 weeks after it has been in your home. Depending on a range of factors, you might need just a fine tuning after 1 year. Some stores might deliver a brand new piano direct to your home. This may need up to 4 tunings in the first year.


Standard tuning, is for pianos tuned within the last 2 years. For new pianos, or pianos with new strings, a standard tuning is usually for pianos tuned within the last 3-6months.
A standard tune might take ~2 hours.

Catch up tuning service

A catch up tuning service (also known as a pitch raise), is a service for pianos that are severely out of tune. When pianos are not tuned for a while, the pitch of the piano drops. Depending on how much it has dropped, the piano may need multiple tunings to bring it back to concert pitch.

How to know if you need standard tuning or a catch up tuning service? If your piano has not been tuned for 3 years or longer, or has been moved, it may be best to book a catch up tuning service. This allows enough time to give you the best results.
Before we begin tuning, we will assess your piano. The way we assess is that if the piano is measured to be between A435 and A445, we will consider this to be a standard tune. If your piano is outside of this range it will need a catch up tuning service which might take around 2-3 hours.
If you book a pitch raise, and it is not needed, you will instead be charged the lower rate for standard tuning.

Depending on a range of factors, it is usually recommended that a piano that has had a massive change in pitch, to be tuned again after 3 months.


The parts inside of the piano also need periodic adjustment, this is partly in due to wear from usage, but also from things such as the cushioning of the felt. Regulation is something that might need to be done once every 10 years, but this can vary depending on usage.

A typical regulation service might be 2 hours for a well maintained piano, and it could be more or less depending on the piano, and what is needed.
By having the action regulated, the touch of the piano will be improved. The “touch” can be incredibly important. For skilled pianists, a piano that has “bad touch”, will limit their ability. It will prevent them from progressing. If the touch is really bad, it can discourage new students from learning. Noone can enjoy a piano that just feels yuck to play.
A piano that is both well regulated, and fine tuned, is so much more enjoyable to play. It makes practice so much easier, and playing so much more rewarding.

Action rebuilding

When an action (the internal moving parts of the piano), is heavily worn, it will need to be taken to a workshop and have the worn components replaced, and then the action needs to be regulated.

Hammer reshaping and voicing

Overtime the hammers inside the piano will become compressed by hitting the strings, and develop deep grooves.
Reshaping and voicing is needed to help restore the pianos sound.
Reshaping the hammers, removes part of the felt, and voicing softens the hammer.

In some situations, hammers may need to be replaced.

Fixing sticky keys

Sticky keys is often caused from high humidity. Sometimes this can be quickly fixed by easing the keys, other times the repairs can take longer. Its impossible to quote to repair this without assessing your piano first.

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Services include, piano tuning, fixing sticky piano keys, regulating pianos, replacing broken piano strings, and piano repairs.