Piano strings

Did you know that pianos have over 200 strings!
If you look inside of your piano, the middle and treble section of your piano has steel strings. The left side has steel strings wrapped in copper, these are called bass strings.
Piano strings are under enormous tension, and place over 15,000kgs of tension on the frame!

I have seen some pianos with strings that are over 100 years old!

While piano strings can last a very long time, nothing lasts forever and, the older the piano is, the greater the risk of a string breaking. In some cases, some pianos may have rust or corrosion on the string, which can weaken it.
Replacing strings is just part of maintaining an instrument.

Ultimately, if a string is going to break it is going to break!

We carry and stock spare steel strings to suit all pianos.
Bass strings are different from piano to piano, and as such are custom made to order.
Bass strings are made locally in Sydney by Australia’s only bass string manufacturer.

Bass string just being made on a machine in Sydney

Here is a photo of a bass string on the machine, just after being manufactured.
This string was made by Parke Piano string factory in Sydney.

If your piano has issues, or if you know your piano has broken strings, contact us. We carry spare steel strings, and for bass strings, we can organise the string to be replaced and fit it for you.