Our premium cleaning kits are for high gloss pianos.
In each kit, there is:

– one bottle of corey high gloss piano polish

– one duster

– one cleaner cloth

– one polishing cloth

– one tube of autosol, for cleaning pedals
(colours are subject to change)

Our deluxe cleaning kits are available for $120, and ONLY available for clients that we tune for.

These kits are only suitable for modern pianos that have a high gloss finish. Our technician can advise if the kit is right for you. With limited stock, contact us to reserve a kit for you.

Corey high gloss polish and deluxe cleaning kit
Corey high gloss polish and deluxe cleaning kit

Finguard (finger guard), is a soft close system for pianos. This allows the pianos fall, to close quietly.
This is suitable for almost all upright pianos.
Modern pianos typically have a soft close system built in, however, if this is broken, finguard is a perfect replacement.
Prices is $250 and is only available for pianos that we tune for. Stock is limited, so please contact us if interested and we will reserve one for you.

Finguard softclose system for upright pianos


Grand piano bundle 1

piano tuning $220

– soundboard dusting $110

– corey high gloss polish and cleaning kit $100

Total value $430,
Discount price is $400

(this includes physical cleaning products, but does not include a polishing service).

grand piano after having the inside dusted
Corey high gloss polish deluxe cleaning kit

Please note, that we have 2 different grand piano bundles. One with the physical cleaning product, and another where we clean it for you.
This page will be updated soon.

Feel free to contact us to reserve a product for you.