How much does it cost to tune a piano?

Most modern pianos cost $220 for tuning. The price can be higher depending on few different factors. A piano that is very far out of tune, will need to be tuned multiple times to restore the piano to A440 concert pitch. Pianos with newer strings, and pianos that have been moved can go far out of tune quickly. As a rule, we estimate that if your piano has not been tuned for around 3 years or more, you may need our catch up tuning service (aka Pitch Raise). This service costs up to $300.
Older pianos can also take more time to tune to get the best result for your piano. Older pianos, (especially overdamper pianos), take longer to tune then a modern piano. For older pianos, we charge up to $300.

Minor adjustments are included in the tuning fee.

While Jema Pianos does not tune the older Beale pianos that have the Beale tuning system, neither do we currently service pianola pianos. These pianos again take longer to tune compared to modern pianos, and the rates can vary between $300-$600.